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Keith Jarrett – Köln


“… but it was listening to Keith Jarrett ‘by accident’ (when I found his Koln concern LPs left in a cupboard by a previous tenant) as a student that I gained a love for the piano, which listening to this always rekindles. I have now listened this on vinyl, tape, new vinyl, CD, download and now “

Tesla Model S EV Safety Training


Ron Moore and Brock Archer, teamed up with Tesla Motors to create an EV Training Video for First Responders. The video gives you a rare look at the Tesla Model S 400 volt lithium-ion battery pack and the armor plate protecting the base of the vehicle. + Battery disassembly.

Warning: Several Tesla Model S luxury sedans were harmed in the making of this video.

Alan Watts ~ Stop Competing With Yourself


Man, throughout the historical period of man, has said that to find that reality or God—whatever name he may give to it—you must be a celibate; that is, you take a vow of chastity and suppress, control, battle with yourself endlessly all your life, to keep your vow. Look at the waste of energy! It is also a waste of energy to indulge. And it has far more significance when you suppress. The effort that has gone into suppression, into control, into this denial of your desire distorts your mind, and through that distortion you have a certain sense of austerity which becomes harsh. Please listen. Observe it in yourself, and observe the people around you. And observe this waste of energy, the battle. Not the implications of sex, not the actual act, but the ideals, the images, the pleasure—the constant thought about them is a waste of energy. And most people waste their energy either through denial, or through a vow of chastity, or in thinking about it endlessly. – Krishnamurti